Gestation Calculator is an online calculator dedicated to providing easy, quick access to expected due dates for all types of animals including humans. I first launched this site in 2010 and found adoption of the site to be incredible, so I’ve begun to rewrite the site to make it mobile accessible and easily update-able so I can add even more calculators to the list. I launched my first gestation calculator through in 2005 and found it to be a huge hit! I hope you’ll enjoy this project! Below is a sample of what the new mobile view of the calculator looks like on a mobile device. The incredible range of gestation periods across all mammal types varies by species. The whale has an average of 525 days down to the mouse which has a 20 day gestation period.

Most Recent Calculators

We’ve begun building a list of Gestation Calculators by Breed. They include:

Mobile Friendly Gestation Calculators

Gestation Calculator

More Gestation Calculators In the Works

Make sure you bookmark the site on your favorite devices! We are re-launching the site with our original 21 gestation calculators and will look to be adding more types shortly. Calculators we are looking at adding include conception date calculators and others. Also, we’ll be increasing the number of gestation calculators as we identify types of mammals people are searching for. Send us your requests by our contact form.